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  • January/February 2015 Featured Member: Linda A. Collett, Esq.

    Linda A. Collett, Esq. is the owner of The Collett Law Firm, LLC, which specializes in helping business owners (i) build a strong legal foundation for their business by selecting the right legal entity, (ii) understand their legal risks through consultative legal counsel, and (iii) minimize misunderstandings that can lead to costly litigation by using […]

  • November/December 2014 Featured Member: Joyce M. Mocek

    Joyce Mocek is an attorney who practices in the Labor and Employment and Business Liability and Insurance practice groups at Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP. She focuses on assisting companies and individuals to resolve disputes with particular strengths in strategic planning and early case resolution. Ms. Mocek produces optimal results for clients seeking to avoid lawsuits or for […]

  • September/October 2014 Featured Member: Elaine G. Levine

    Elaine G. Levine is a graduate of Harvard College (1979) and the Yale Law School (1982). She practiced law with big firms in Atlanta, as well as the US EPA, for 12 years, and then with two smaller firms, which she co-founded. In May 2012, Elaine joined two attorneys, Cindy Manning and Lauren Marlow Greiner, […]

  • July/August 2014 Featured Member: Paula Fowler

    Paula Fowler is a strategic leader with proven ability to create company-wide vision and drive results. She has over 20 years of management and consulting experience in small to mid-sized businesses across a broad range of functional areas, including sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, software development, operations and HR.

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  • May/June 2014 Featured Member: Linda Zuk

    Linda Zuk is an award winning Registered Corporate Coach, consultant and facilitator who has worked with teams and individuals for more than 20 years. Her years of experience working in both the personal and business realm have caused Linda to be passionate about helping business professionals increase their productivity and profits while improving their relationships.

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  • January/February 2014 Featured Member: Selma Kuurstra

    Selma Kuurstra is a skilled project manager, who supports organizations by successfully completing varied type of projects from pre-development through the post-development cycle; her focus in on working with not for profits and associations. She has an extensive background in virtual project management and in working with global teams. Selma has well-honed interpersonal and communication […]