Featured Member

  • November/December 2013 Featured Member: Dr. Leonora C. Austin

    Dr. Leonora C. Austin is the founder and president of both No Judgements Leonora, Inc. and Judgement and Justice Services, LLC, which are businesses created to educate, train, and counsel people.  Dr. Austin has over 30 years of experience in assisting people in becoming whole emotional, physically, and spiritually through Christian counseling, teaching, and coaching.  […]

  • September/October 2013 Featured Member: Karen C. Hughes

    Karen C. Hughes, has worked with men and women for almost a decade, teaching them to harness the essence of their unique personal style. “Understanding your essential style is as much about the clothes you wear as it is about your purpose in life. Using a holistic approach helps you achieve success with greater clarity […]

  • July/August 2013 Featured Member: Elisha Fields

    Elisha Fields, author, expressionist artist and inventor, named her company:  Free Range Art, LLC because she has always had to run free.  After having worked in many careers and having lived in many places, Elisha moved to Atlanta in 1998 and began working on her passion.  Fifteen years later, she has invented a drawing tool, […]

  • May/June 2013 Featured Member: Mary Williams, MBA, CFP(R)

    Mary has been a dedicated advisor with Raymond James since 2003.  She was recognized for her perseverance and leadership as the female advisor for 2006 at the Raymond James Women’s Symposium, receiving the Margo Fisher Award.  Her professional success and personal strength have received national recognition in both Registered Rep and Investment Advisor Magazines.  She served […]

  • March/April 2013 Featured Member: Catherine Graham

    Catherine Graham, a Professional Coach and Recruiting Specialist, recently left her corporate career to launch her companies; CAG Coaching and CAG Recruiting.  Combining her talents and experience she is helping individuals and small, emerging companies connect and grow.  A certified coach since 2008 she has been working with people of all ages to move forward […]

  • January/February 2013 Featured Member: Kathleen Kenworthy

    Kathleen Kenworthy is President of Peacock Interiors, LLC, a full service interior design company located in Alpharetta, GA and Director of World Continental, an international Trade company located in Hong Kong. Kathleen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Science from Purdue University. Kathleen has worked in the design and furnishings industry for 27 […]