ProWIN July Luncheon: Change How You See Yourself and Change Your Results

July 18, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Dunwoody Country Club
1600 Dunwoody Club Dr
Atlanta, GA 30350
$45 Member / $55 Non-Member
Where we are in life is a direct result of what we think and how we feel about our abilities and ourselves. If you feel that you should be further ahead, the question is, why aren’t you? The saying that “we are only limited by our self-imposed limitations” is a true statement. But the problem is, most of us either don’t know what’s holding us back or we’re too afraid to face what IS holding us back from achieving our true potential personally and professionally.
Discovering, facing, and overcoming these limiting beliefs to unlock our full potential is necessary and extremely powerful. As a result, we gain confidence and a fearless attitude, which emboldens us to go after what we want. NOTHING can stop us. How we see ourselves and what we believe we can accomplish, guides us to our results. Change how you see yourself and change your results.
By attending this thought-provoking presentation, you’ll walk away with these revelations:
1. How to discover what’s holding you back
2. Getting to know yourself: your strengths and weaknesses
3. How would I act if. . .


About  Frenita Amerman

Growing up in Arkansas, Frenita Amerman dreamed of becoming a Hollywood movie star.  Early in her career, she caught a break appearing in small rolls in several movies, commercials,  and music videos.  Her dream was cut short when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20.  A mistake during that surgery left her vocal cord paralyzed and she was told she would never speak again.  However, Frenita never lost faith and began a passionate search for answers.  After three long years,  Frenita miraculously regained her voice.  Learning many life lessons and having to overcome many adversities, she found a new passion and direction in life that led her to become a successful entrepreneur and success coach.

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As you may know, I’m a member of ProWIN, Professional Women’s Information Network. This group offers invaluable professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities for women who own small business and for career professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

On July 18th, ProWIN is hosting a luncheon: Change How You See Yourself and Change Your Results hosted by Frenita Amerman.

I always walk away with insight and knowledge, not to mention meeting several dynamic women professionals.

Please check it out: I hope you will consider joining me.

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