March Luncheon Synopsis: The Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader

Presented by Mike Pitcher

The “Pitch” on the Seven “L”s

Mike Pitcher brought a depth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, as well as a lot of fun and character, to our March luncheon. Mike, who has an MBA from Emory and more than thirty years of managerial experience with companies like Lease Plan, Dell, and Pitney Bowes, led us quite adeptly through his Seven eLements of Leadership.

One of Mike’s first tips is to use music as a great attitude inducer, or as he called it, a state inducer. He recommends we listen to music that inspires us as we drive into work, to important client meetings, or any situation where we need or want to be powerful. Music can get you in the mood. So, imagine your favorite inspirational tune as we summarize the rest of his insights.

Next, Pitcher explained the Seven eLements of Leadership:

  1. LAUGH. Laughter, like music, can set a wonderful tone and atmosphere.  It is one of the most powerful connectors available, as it breaks down barriers, creates new bonds, and induces a receptivity that is helpful in business relationships and negotiations. Good leaders must have a sense of humor.
  1. LEARN. A lifetime of learning is critical to long-term success.  Among other things, it is important to keep up with technology, remember that attitude is everything, and embrace diversity.  Diversity, Pitcher says, is not about the color of our skin. It’s about variety of concepts and ideas. When we surround ourselves with this kind of diversity, we learn more and we make better decisions.
  1. LISTEN. Listening is the most impactful skill we can develop for leadership effectiveness. Pitcher recommends practicing active listening – pay attention without thinking of how we are going to respond, ask questions instead of offering quick-fire advice, seek to understand.
  1. LANGUAGE. A great speaker talks in pictures and tells stories.  A great example of this is Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream”.  The right words, pictures, and stories inspire others’ loyalty, commitment, and productivity. In addition, it is equally as important to watch how we talk to ourselves. As much as we must lift others up, we must also lift ourselves.
  1. LAGNIAPPE.  Lagniappe (lan-yap) is a French/Cajun word for that “little something extra.”  What do you do – or could you do – that is above and beyond?  Do you pay attention to the details of your employees or clients’ lives? Remember birthdays, other special events, and children? These little things go a long way to empowering your ability to succeed through better relationships.
  1. LEGACY. Good leaders leave a place better than they found it.  Have you determined what you want your legacy to be? Do your actions match that vision?
  1. LOVE. Last but not least. We spend more of our awake time at the office than we do with our chosen loved ones. This makes your work family as important as your home family. So, love what you do – who you do it with – and who you do it for.  Love creates enthusiasm, connection, and momentum.

To bring his message home both literally and figuratively, Pitcher asked us to remember the Seven Ls of leadership in our everyday lives. These leadership skills go beyond the work environment. Practice these seven eLements everywhere you go, and you will not only leave the world a better place, but you’ll have more fun doing it.

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Photos from the luncheon follow. Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in May. Keri Toomey will be our featured speaker. Prepare for a powerful conversation on Leadership. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.

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