November Luncheon Synopsis: Scaling a Startup—How to Bring Your Dream to the World

Presented by Dr. Cailen Wells

At the November 2016 luncheon, Dr. Calen Wells spoke about how early challenges in her life made her stronger and better able to adapt as an entrepreneur.  She emphasized that one must be a “fighter” in order to adapt to the challenges of creating a startup.  She also reminded us that a business person needs to maintain a balance between work life and home life so that she doesn’t burn out. 

Dr. Wells’ table discussion question for the luncheon attendees was thought-provoking. “Who do you allow across your ‘Red Rope’”?  It is important to the success of one’s business to choose clients, vendors, and employees carefully. Having a policy about who is allowed into our environment is key to long-term viability. It is much easier to deal with clients we enjoy and work well with, and instituting a Red Rope Policy of “Dump the Duds” helps avoid negativity, headaches, and the wasting of time and money. 

The following is Dr. Wells’ plan for achieving exceptional performance as an entrepreneur:

  • Trusted Unified Leadership – Inspire trust so that others put forth their best effort
  • Strategic Validity – A plan founded on data and validated insights improves the odds of success
  • Strategic Clarity – A clear mission breeds confidence
  • Talent Density – Hiring skilled experts accelerates tactical execution
  • Execution Framework – Determine the best structure to assure efficient and effective results

Through leadership, connections, planning, marketing, and networking, Dr. Wells reminds that we, too, can “BEAT ALL ODDS” to scale a startup into a successful business.

Dr. Wells may be reached at or 678-805-7344.  Visit her website at

Photos from the luncheon follow. Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in January of 2017. Non-members are welcome and it’s a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of a ProWIN membership.

Keri Toomey is a ProWIN member and Vice President at Bliss Integrated Communication. She can be reached at

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