ProWIN January Luncheon Synopsis: DisruptHER – How “Disruptive” Leadership Can Advance Your Career and/or Business

The January luncheon featured Crystal Davis, CEO of The Lean Coach, Inc. She consults with corporations on business process improvement and leadership development. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and certified Leadership Coach.

Crystal’s program started with the table topic question, “What do you need to be doing now and in your business (career) to remain relevant 3-5 years from now?

After discussing how the word, “disrupt” is often thought of negatively, she said it is time we embrace the meaning of disruption as to interrupt the normal course of business.Crystal gave examples of how Uber, Facebook, Amazon and Airbnb disrupted entire industries when they thought differently and started doing business differently.

Crystal encouraged us to be ‘disruptHERs’ by disrupting our own thoughts and ideation by no longer allowing others to do us harm by stealing our ideas, talking over us and telling us we aren’t ready for leadership. She encouraged us to stop waiting for perfection but to go forward with ‘good enough’ then test and use customer feedback to adjust.

She challenged us to Decide to Disrupt by:

1. Believing in ourselves enough to step out
2. Preparing for the future of work by staying ahead of changes
3. Identifying and becoming comfortable with our own competitive advantage
4. Thinking like an innovator and being willing to take risks

Crystal’s presentation shows us that she indeed prepares for the future of work by constantly challenging herself to learn and question what’s happening in business. For additional information on her presentations, consulting and coaching, you can contact Crystal Davis at or visit

Photos from the luncheon follow.  Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in March. We will find out what you need to do become financially fit with Financial Crossfit for Women: How to Become Financially Strong. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.



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