Wendy Hayes: President-Elect and VP of Professional Development

WendyHayes_sidebarOver the last 20 years, Wendy Hayes’ professional roles and responsibilities have progressed from accounting manager to Director of Finance, to VP of Finance to the CFO position, experiences she now leverages as the founder and CEO of Mitchell Hayes. If her career has a unifying theme, it’s her passion for working with innovative, fast-moving companies. In this environment she exercises her  talent for developing the kinds of daily processes and procedures that increase information visibility and lead to profit maximization.

When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her professional background made her the family’s de facto choice for handling her mom’s finances and preparing her mother for the move to an assisted-living arrangement. During this process, Wendy worked with various service providers, including health care organizations, insurance companies, banks, and investment firms. As she navigated the challenges associated with her mother’s life transition, Wendy realized that none of these parties were advocating for her mother’s overall position.

This got her thinking about life transitions in general. Working on her mother’s behalf was not the first time she encountered a lack of “big picture” advocacy and support. Many years prior, she had gone through a complicated and difficult divorce. As an accountant, she understood that the financial aspects of divorce were a business transaction. The emotional turmoil was another matter. She realized that she did not receive solid financial advice during the divorce, such as the intricate financial details regarding taxes, capital gains, dividing pensions, or the real estate-related implications of selling a home.

So she decided to couple her personal and professional experiences with her love for innovative, small businesses and launched her own company. Mitchell Hayes is dedicated to assisting clients who are in the midst of a major life transition. Wendy’s background positions her to counsel individuals preparing for retirement, those suffering the loss of a spouse, or those preparing for a move to assisted living. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™), Wendy has the skill set (and the personal experience) necessary to ensure that her clients receive the best possible financial settlement during a divorce.

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