Anita Henderson

A communications specialist, Anita Henderson is known as “The Author’s Midwife.” She coaches and mentors corporate professionals and successful entrepreneurs to become published authors. Through her Write Your Life program, she shares strategies for writing, publishing, and marketing a book…and then leveraging it to upsell your expertise.

A 20-year veteran of the marketing communications industry, Anita started The Write Image in 1997. After years of working with decision-makers in various industries she realized one thing they had in common — they were “secret agents.” These super-intelligent, well respected, knowledgeable leaders were experts in their fields, but nobody knew it. She wondered, what would help these experts get noticed. The answer: Every expert needs a book of her own. So she developed a program to help professionals upsell their expertise.

“Women (and men) in business need a calling card, a defining brand, a product to demonstrate their knowledge and their expertise,” says Anita. “A well-written book is one of the best tools to brand professionals as experts in their field so they can gain the visibility, recognition, and opportunities to take their careers and their businesses to a higher level and to earn more money.” Over the years, her passion for mentoring authors to overcome obstacles to their publishing success became her focus, and thus, Write Your Life was created.

Designed to reinforce a business platform for existing authors, and to establish and support a budding brand for aspiring authors, Write Your Life is a unique, comprehensive program for establishing your expertise and leveraging your book as part of your brand.

Anita is the author and co-author of several books; she is a freelance writer, and host of the live streaming show, “Book Your Success” on

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