2020 Virtual Brainstorming Roundtable

Harness the knowledge, creativity, and experience of fellow ProWIN members

Do YOU have a challenge with your business? Something that you just can’t figure out on your own?  Get the clarity, confidence, and insight you need to propel your business forward by joining this year’s Virtual Brainstorming Roundtable. In this group, you will work with other ProWIN members to solve your business challenges. Not only will you receive concrete ideas and creative solutions to solve your own issues, but you will be helping all the other women in your group solve theirs.

If you’d like the support of other professional women in developing an idea or solving a problem related to your business, then now is your chance!  Think of it as having your very own personal “Board of Advisors” to explore, guide, support, and help hold you accountable for putting ideas into action.

Within the virtual platform, there will be lots of personal interaction and engagement. Challenges will be resolved in complete confidentiality, and your business and interpersonal relationships will continue to thrive.

Sign up now; there are just 12 seats available.
ONLY $125 FOR ALL MEETINGS. This is a ProWIN Member Only Benefit.

Brainstorming Roundtable Sessions
Dates: August 27 – November 19, 2020 (every other Thursday)
Time: 11:00AM – 12:30PM with an additional 30 minutes (until 1PM) for socializing
Location: via ZOOM

To reserve your seat at our Brainstorming Roundtable, complete the Participant Form, then email it to info@prowin.com. Participation is on a first come, first served basis. All others will be added to our wait list and contacted when the next group forms.

Meet the Facilitators:

Robin Muretisch is Founder and Principal of Facilitative InsightsTM LLC.  For 30+ years, she has helped teams and groups address real issues and plan for the future.  Her “sweet spot” is helping teams creatively solve problems together using strengths they didn’t know they had. As a result of COVID, Robin has moved her facilitation work entirely on-line (for now) and is excited to share how virtual facilitation can enliven any discussion and lead to valuable insights … including the ProWIN Brainstorming Roundtable!

Robin D. H. Muretisch, CPF, CVF, MBA, CPA
IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator
INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator ™
Facilitative Insights
770.371.5874  |  robin@facinsights.com


Neelam Sharma is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an ACC experienced at working with individuals and within organizations. Neelam has extensive experience as a Talent Development Consultant, and is a dynamic and powerful facilitator, who works equally well with small teams and with rooms of 100+.

Neelam Sharma, CPC, ELI-MP, MS
Enlightened Life & Leadership
404.277.9916  |  Neelam@NeelamSharmaCoaching.com





  • “I want to give a shout out for the Wise Crowds format.  [I] think the idea of the hot seat participant turning their back to the group is great because it puts the participant in listening mode and not responding mode and it allows the others to talk more freely.”  (Linda Collett)
  • “ProWIN’s Brainstorming Group has been beneficial in providing feedback on my “elevator” pitch and encouragement to highlight my extensive business experience, rather than the actual tools that I provide for my small business clients.”   (Paula Fowler)
  • “Greatest insight: The power of bringing 8 strong, independent, secure women together for the sole purpose of helping each other’s individual path.  Greatest eye-opener:  That power mixed with a splash of trust, my greatest eye-opener are the results when ready to receive advice from the right women at the right time. Life engaging and changing.” (April Hurless)
  • It’s (not) a secret that every business owner struggles with something. And guess what? When we dare to confide in one another, we can help each other out! And as we lift one up, we lift all of us up – not only as women and business owners but essentially as a society. And that, ladies, trickles up as well as down!”  (Anette Watson)
  • “I appreciate the collective knowledge and insights of the group and the opportunity to learn from and support one another in a safe, confidential space. We are only halfway through the program, and I feel we are already forging trusted relationships that will endure beyond our time together as a group. Our facilitator keeps us laser-focused and engaged while making the process a fun experience – what a talent! Thank you, Robin Muretisch!” (Joyce Auskelis)
  • “The ProWIN Brainstorming Roundtable provided valuable insight into promoting myself and my new business venture. The experience has been enlightening, educational, and energizing as a business owner. It’s well worth the investment!!!”  (Michelle Eason)