Featured Member

  • July/August 2021 Featured Member: Stephanie Gustafson

    Do you struggle to answer the question “what do you do?”  Or know you need to update your website copy, but it keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list? Whether written or verbal, the words you use to describe how you help your ideal customer are critical to winning the business. Stephanie Gustafson […]

  • April/May 2021 Featured Member: Karen Cleveland

    Karen Cleveland calls her business ProcessMOJO because her business process consulting helps her clients’ businesses reflect and support their personal mojo. She believes that we are truly successful when we are spending our time and energy on what fills us up and NOT on tasks that can be eliminated, delegated, or automated. Karen’s process consulting […]

  • January/February 2021 Featured Member: Kathryn Burmeister

    Attorney Kathryn Burmeister is an unconventional, animal-loving lawyer dedicated to making a difference. Born out of a passion for helping others, adherence to integrity, and a commitment to honesty, Kathryn has had the great benefit of opening her own practice to promote these ideals while guiding clients to their legal solution. Kathryn has served on the Board […]

  • November/December 2020 Featured Member: Arlene Stearns

    Arlene Stearns is an artist, teacher and the founder of the ImageUpTM System. Her family has deep roots in the fashion industry of New York City, and she has been immersed in style since childhood. She has over 15 years in fashion as owner of a clothing line and then as a stylist in an […]

  • September/October 2020 Featured Member: Patti Benjamin

    Patti Benjamin is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  She graduated with high distinction from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, majoring in Accounting.  She has been practicing since 1999, beginning in the northern part of Indiana, around the South Bend area.  Before moving to Georgia eight years ago, Patti spent eight years […]

  • July/August 2020 Featured Member: Kerry Thomas

    Kerry Thomas is a Gerontologist and founder of AgeSmart Strategies, LLC.  She is passionate about helping people in mid-late life thrive and age successfully through rethinking and creating meaningful next chapters.  Kerry relies on coaching training and techniques to assist clients gain clarity and direction during this season of life, by turning their core values […]