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  • Managing your Email & Workload with Outlook®

    Managing your Email & Workload with Outlook® Inbox overloaded? Tasks falling through the cracks? Overwhelmed with information? Need to improve focus & reduce technology-related stress? Learn the skills to clean up your Inbox and prevent future overload Use Outlook® short-cuts and tips to save time Improve focus and follow up with tasks Create an electronic […]

  • March Luncheon Synopsis – Dr. Sally Jamara

    Dr. Sally Jamara “Build Your Innovation Skills to Make Positive Change Happen” Dr. Sally Jamara has been leading organizations through innovative changes for over thirty years. As a consultant, she works with executives to help align their teams and build cultures that are receptive to innovation. In her presentation, Sally began by describing the great […]

  • May Luncheon: The ROI of LOL

    Twenty years ago, June Cline stumbled onto the power of creating laughter in business. She believes humor is the most over looked, under utilized skill leaders can develop to strengthen careers, boost charisma, and increase cash flow. June utilizes her proprietary humor quadrants to discover your humor style and the comedic culture of you, your […]

  • January Luncheon Synopsis – Moira Vetter

    Moira Vetter “The Relativity of Risk – Paths & Choices for Women Leaders” Author and businesswoman, Moira Vetter, spoke at the January meeting of ProWin members and guests about the risks she took and overcame in her career. As a 7-year-old cashier at her father’s pharmacy, Moira learned a great deal about risk from her […]

  • March Luncheon: Build Your Innovation Skills to Make Positive Change Happen

    Do you consider yourself innovative? What types of innovation and change have you brought to your team or organization? Innovation is critical for your professional success. Learn how to develop your innovation skills and create a culture that fosters innovation and change. This lively session will make you think about innovation in a new way […]