2020 ProWIN Success Bootcamp: A Bold New You in a Bold New World


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2020 has been an interesting year to say the least! We’ve been thrust into new territory, racing to adapt to our new surroundings. Many of us have had to examine the way we do business during these unprecedented times, but, with new challenges come new opportunities. Expand your horizons and learn valuable tips on how to navigate this bold new world we’re living in!

Join us for the Third Annual

ProWIN Success Bootcamp

October 29 2020
1PM – 4 PM via ZOOM

Five Topics with Five Experts

Feel energized, emBOLDened and be inspired!

♥ $20 Members
♥ $30 Non-members

Five ProWIN experts will share their knowledge and experience in how to manage your career and your business in this transformative new era. Attendees get to choose to attend 4 of the 5 breakout sessions. Breakout session will last approx. 35 minutes (5 minutes for networking and introductions, followed by a 20-minute presentation and a 10-minute Q&A discussion.) The event will be emceed by Robin Muretisch, INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™, who will help facilitate the discussions around key learning points before and after each breakout session.

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 Both ProWIN members and non-members are invited to attend.


Presenters and Topics:

Business Processes
Karen Cleveland – ProcessMojo
More Time & Money from a Process Tune-Up

Ever wish you could clone yourself or magically find more hours in your workday? Learn how you can get the same results with a process tune-up! During this session, attendees will map their routine tasks as an end-to-end process and identify opportunities for streamlining which will free up time and increase efficiency. Using worksheets, colored markers, and examples, we’ll find the shortcuts and create ways to go around the bumps in the road we all encounter in our businesses. Watch the video here.

Using her collaborative approach and extensive process expertise, Karen Cleveland streamlines the business processes of digital agency owners and professional service providers so they are confidently positioned for rapid growth. Karen has consulted with businesses of all sizes during her career which included 18 years with IBM as a process specialist. For the last 10 years, she has focused exclusively on working with digital entrepreneurs and the ever-changing applications they utilize. Karen especially loves to work with clients who want their business to support their authentically integrated lives.


Financial Success
Gai Lynn McCarthy – KPPG Law
Building the Foundation of Your Business

Attendees of my class will learn how to set up or improve the foundation of their business in a manner that protects them from liability to outsiders. When we are finished, you should be able to avoid hiring me to restructure or liquidate your business. Watch the video here.

Gai Lynn McCarthy is a bankruptcy attorney who practices exclusively in Georgia. She joined KPPB Law in 2009 to establish its bankruptcy practice, primarily filing Chapter 11 cases on behalf of hotels. Gai Lynn’s practice includes the representation of small businesses and their owners in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases. Her practice also includes representing creditors in bankruptcy and defending against claims by bankruptcy trustees seeking to recover preferential transfers. She is a member at large on the board of the bankruptcy section for the Atlanta Bar Association. She is a past president of the bankruptcy section of the Cobb County Bar Association. She also volunteers at the pro se clinic at the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Interesting fact: She left the practice of law for 16 years to raise her 3 children.


Anita Henderson – The Write Image Consulting, LLC
Step Out of the Shadows: Imposter Syndrome Resolved

Imposter syndrome impacts professionals at all levels of achievement and earning, threatening one’s confidence to seek a higher position, to acquire new clients, to ask for a salary increase, or to charge more for products/services. In this session, participants will learn to identify the thought behaviors that support imposter syndrome, and they will learn a simple process to address and reverse those behaviors to achieve their ideal outcomes. Watch the video here.

Known by many as The Author’s Midwife, Anita Henderson transforms professionals and entrepreneurs into proud published authors. Through her authentic coaching approach, her passion for literature, and her focus on quality, she has guided her clients to produce both bestselling and award-winning books, helping them grow their media and online visibility, speaker platforms, and industry credibility.


Stacey Ruth – Inside Out Marketing
The Unstoppable Brand: Finding Your Irresistible Affinity

There are 60,000 new websites launching every single day. Competition is fierce. The answer is developing unbreakable emotional bonds with customers and clients.  Using the 7 factors of brand affinity, Stacey shows how any business model can generate a tide of awareness and self-identification with the brand, for radical growth with little additional investment. Watch the video here.

Stacey Ruth is an acclaimed marketer, entrepreneur and award-winning author with two multi-million dollar agencies under her belt. She has been acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, and twice as one of the Top 100 “It” Agencies by Experiential Marketer Magazine. Her businesses survived the fallout of 9/11 and deep recessions, where many of her nearest competitors were forced to close. This was when she learned how brands, like her own, rise above circumstances and become unstoppable when they build deep emotional bonds with customers that go beyond awareness, purchase or loyalty. Stacey is a certified ROI professional, licensed spiritual practitioner and author of Truth and Dare: Inside Out Marketing. She is hard at work on her second book, Own Your Own Shift: The Power, Passion and Freedom to Be Unstoppable.


Business & Image Development
Arlene Stearns – ImageUPTM
Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest – Image Up on Zoom

More business is conducted online than ever since the pandemic. Prior to this time, what a woman wore from head to toe was important to establish her professionalism and credibility. Currently, we are only visible from the collar bones and above and appear on Zoom calls as a mass of heads. This presentation addresses 5 key elements for appearing professional online. Watch the video here.

Arlene Stearns is an artist, teacher and the founder of the ImageUp System. Her family has deep roots in the fashion industry of New York City, and she has been immersed in style since childhood. She has over 15 years in fashion as owner of a clothing line and then as a stylist in an exclusive boutique, winning four National awards for her “mix and match” mastery. In partnership with her clients, she applies her background and ability to help them develop a personal “Signature Style” to look and feel fabulous. Over the years, thousands of women have benefited from her style and fashion expertise.


Event Facilitator:

Robin Muretisch is Founder and Principal of Facilitative InsightsTM LLC. For 30+ years, she has helped teams and groups address real issues and plan for the future. Her “sweet spot” is helping teams creatively solve problems together using strengths they didn’t know they had. As a result of COVID, Robin has moved her facilitation work entirely on-line (for now) and is excited to share how virtual facilitation can enliven any discussion and lead to valuable insights … including ProWIN’s Success Bootcamp!