IN PERSON Happy Hour Members ONLY: Summer Faves

August 5, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
FREE Members Only

Join us for ProWIN’s IN PERSON Happy Hour
on Thursday, August 5th from 6:00-7:00PM
Save the date – Venue TBD!

Give yourself permission to indulge in a light-hearted hour of emotional self-care with some lively conversation and laughter. This is a FREE Members Only event hosted by Arlene Stearns, ImageUPTM and Frances Scovil, Vitality Anew!.  See you there!

Theme:  Beach Girls & Summer Faves – From “Hot Fun in the Summer Time” to “Keeping the Summer Alive” these songs are iconic summer/beach fare. What are your can’t-live-without summer favorites? Think tunes, food, clothes, etc.

Please RSVP by August 4, 2021

Photo and Video Release  ProWIN may have a photographer and/or videographer at the event, or for online events, ProWIN may take screenshots, and save videos or chats of the event. In accordance with ProWIN’s Photo and Video Release guidelines, and by attending this live or virtual event, you agree that:

  • ProWIN may use your likeness in a photo or screenshot, and/or your likeness and voice in a video recording or chat, for marketing, publicity and other business purposes that ProWIN, in its sole discretion, may choose;
  • All photos, screenshots, videos, sound recordings, and/or chats will become the property of ProWIN;
  • ProWIN may edit, alter, copy, copyright, exhibit, publish or distribute any photo, screenshot, video, sound recording and/or chat of you for any lawful purpose;
  • You will not be entitled to inspect or approve the finished product; and
  • You will not be entitled to receive any payment or compensation from the use of any photo, screenshot, video, sound recording and/or chat of you.

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