Join a Committee


Working together is a great way to build your business by building relationships. Contributing your knowledge and skill on a committee can be as much or as little work as you are willing to invest. Some committee members have ongoing responsibilities, and others handle tasks as needed.

Committees are headed by board members, who manage the overall direction of the committee and rely on committee members to be dedicated and focused self-starters. Being a part of a committee is considered a leadership position within ProWIN, and all committee members are valued within the organization. Consider your interest in joining any of these committees:

  • Events: Social networking events.
  • Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: Member, media and affiliate communications, social media, event posting and promotion.
  • Member Retention: Member programs, benefits, renewal, communication.
  • New Member Acquisition: Communication with prospective members and plan and coordinate quarterly Percolator events.
  • Professional Development: Educational programming.
  • Programs: Luncheon speakers and programming.
  • Sponsorship & Community Outreach: Corporate outreach, community partnerships.
  • Technology: Website maintenance, weekly emails, and website analytics.

If you would like to explore committee opportunities in a particular area of interest, please send an email to info [at] prowin [dot] com and you will be connected with the related board member.

thankyouprowinIf you aren’t able or interested in being on a specific committee, you can be a Volunteer at Large. Volunteers at Large are not associated with a particular committee but are available to help out with specific tasks now and then. Possible tasks might include calling a list of people to invite them to an event, or showing up early to a luncheon to help set up. If you’d like to be contacted about volunteering, please email info [at] prowin [dot] com.