Join a Committee

ProWIN Needs YOU!

As a volunteer based organization, your input and participation is vital to ProWIN’s success! Contributing your time, knowledge, and skills on a committee provides an invaluable investment in yourself and for ProWIN.

Are you curious to understand what makes this organization run, what happens behind the scenes? Want to expand your Marketing, Event Planning, or Business Development skills? Would you like to share, or round out your knowledge and leadership skills? Then volunteering for ProWIN is the perfect chance to delve into areas of interest that you might otherwise not have a chance to explore. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to develop deeper relationships with other knowledgeable, dynamic, and inspirational women.

If you’d like to be a part of making ProWIN the best it can be, we challenge you to share your knowledge and/or expand your skills by volunteering on one of our committees listed below.

Committees are headed by volunteer board members, who manage the overall direction of the committee and rely on volunteer committee members to be dedicated and focused self-starters:

  • Events – Source/coordinate venues for Board Retreat and Sponsor Appreciation luncheon; plan 2 member-only events, including the holiday party, and help manage luncheon logistics.
  • Marketing – create annual marketing plan, coordinate and execute all marketing communications; drive social media content; lead branding & community awareness efforts.
  • Member Retention – plan 2 member-only events, select Featured Members, coordinate table hosts, and manage & promote all member benefits.
  • New Member Acquisition – Onboard new members and organize 5 ProWIN Percolators.
  • Professional Development – plan/execute 2 Professional Development Workshops, oversee Brainstorming Roundtable, and coordinate Member Connect Lunch topics.
  • Programs – Develop topics and recruit luncheon speakers; manage luncheon survey.
  • Sponsorship/Community Outreach – recruit, onboard and maintain sponsors – Diamond, Platinum, Premiere, luncheon; develop and manage community outreach programs.
  • Technology – maintain our website and database, manage email communications & analytics.
  • Treasurer – maintain board minutes and records, pay/reimburse expenses, prepare financial reports & annual budget.

Don’t be shy! Stand out from the crowd! If you’re interested in exploring ANY of the above volunteer committee opportunities, please contact the VP of the Committee. We’d love to hear from you!

If you aren’t able or interested in being on a specific committee, you can be a Volunteer at Large. Volunteers at Large are not associated with a particular committee but are available to help out with specific tasks now and then. Possible tasks might include calling a list of people to invite them to an event, or showing up early to a luncheon to help set up. If you’d like to be contacted about volunteering, please email