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Thank you for your interest in contributing to ProWIN!

Please fill out the information below, leave blank any information that does NOT apply. There are six (6) presentation opportunities each year. Your proposal will be given careful consideration as to the presentation type, purpose, and meeting availability. Please know that we receive many more proposals than available slots, so we cannot accommodate every request. We will keep your information for future programs. If you are chosen for this year, you will be contacted by the ProWIN Program Committee to further discuss your program.

Presentations should NOT be promotional in nature, but MUST BE informational/educational. Presenters may display and/or sell related materials (books, CDs, DVDs, coaching programs, etc.) at the event in the lobby of the venue. Presenters who do not respect the “no promotions” requirement will not be allowed to present sessions to, or promoted by, ProWIN in the future.

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    Title of Presentation
    Not to exceed 10 words.

    Description of Presentation
    Not to exceed 40 words. This description will be used in the meeting announcements. It is important that it be concise, without jargon, and provides the participants with a clear picture of what the program provides. Please include the objective and how it will benefit the attendees.

    Format/Length of Presentation
    Presentations are held in a luncheon atmosphere. Attendees are attentive; however they will be dining as you present. 45 min. plus 5-10 min for Q&A. 5 min is needed for ProWIN business wrap up.

    Program Purpose
    Business Development or Personal Development or Other. Please be specific.

    Learning Outcomes
    List at least three outcomes of your presentation. After the session, what will the participants know or be able to do?

    Presentation Outline
    Include information to be addressed and processes to be used.

    Prior Knowledge
    What knowledge or experience do participants need to have a good experience in this session?

    Presentation Type
    Choose one.
    Participatory: (50% participatory and 50% presenter input. Much interaction for understanding and real world application.)Demonstration: (Approx. 30% participatory and 70% presenter input. Participant has several experiences within the content.)Lecture: (Formal lecture with little interaction. Lecture 90%+ of the time.)

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    Prior Knowledge
    What knowledge or experience do participants need to have a good experience in this session?

    Registrations will be managed through 123 Signup and will include the standard ProWIN cancellation/refund policy unless otherwise agreed upon by ProWIN. ProWIN will provide presenter with the registration link once the session is approved. A final attendee list will be provided by ProWIN within 24 hours prior following the event. ProWIN may share evaluation results, if any, with presenter.

    ProWIN may have a photographer and/or videographer at the event, or for online events, ProWIN may take screen shots, and save videos or chats of the event. In accordance with ProWIN's Photo and Video Release guidelines, and by attending this live or virtual event, you agree that:
    - ProWIN may use your likeness in a photo or screen shot, and/or your likeness and voice in a video recording or chat, for marketing, publicity and other business purposes that ProWIN, in its sole discretion, may choose
    - All photos, screen shots, videos, sound recordings, and/or chats will become the property of ProWIN;
    - ProWIN may edit, alter, copy, copyright, exhibit, publisher distribute any photo, screen shot, video, sound recording and/or chat of you for any lawful purpose;
    - You will not be entitled to inspect or approve the finished product; and
    - You will not be entitled to receive any payment or compensation from the use of any photo, screen shot, video, sound recording and/or chat of you. 

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