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Thank you for your interest in contributing pro writers to ProWIN!

professional development

If you are interested in presenting a professional development session, please submit the following information in a Word or PDF doc to Include Professional Development Proposal in the subject line.

  • Speaker’s name, title, company
  • Email address and website
  • Suggested topic(s)
  • Bio (250 words max)
  • Dates of proposed session

Submit a Professional Development Proposal

You know stuff that ProWIN members (and others) can benefit from. Why not teach a Professional Development session? Share your knowledge with an audience of professional, success-minded women. Partner with ProWIN to promote your informational, educational session. Complete the form below, and submit.

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Please attach a high-resolution image of presenter’s professional head shot with this form. The presenter’s photo will appear on the ProWIN website and in the e-blasts to promote the event.

NOTE: Presenters are responsible for providing AV equipment/materials and handouts.

Event Description (for website and e-blasts)

Who should attend? Describe specifically that ideal audience for your presentation (i.e Start-up business, insurance industry, wanting to do business with govt, etc.)

Is lunch/breakfast/snacks/beverages included?

How does the presenter plan to promote the event if it is open to other than ProWIN members?

Take-Aways/Learning Objectives: What three things do you want your attendees to recall upon leaving your presentation? What information, skills, behaviors, or perspectives will participants acquire after participating in this session?

Other Details:

Presentations should not be promotional in nature, but informational/educational. Presenters may sell related materials (books, CDs, DVDs, coaching programs, etc.) at sessions, but the material presented must be educational in nature. Presenters who do not respect the “no promotions” requirement will not be allowed to present sessions to, or promoted by, ProWIN in the future.

Revenue split from attendee registrations: ProWIN 20%; Presenter 80%. A check will be mailed to presenter within 7 business days following the session.

Registrations will be managed through 123 Signup and will include the standard ProWIN cancellation/refund policy. ProWIN will provide presenter with the registration link once the session is approved.

Presenter will supply a final attendee list to ProWIN within 24 hours following the session, so ProWIN can send an event evaluation. ProWIN will share evaluation results with presenter.

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