First Annual ProWIN Bootcamp

We asked attendees of June’s Success Bootcamp to tell us what they thought and it appears that our first annual bootcamp was a runaway hit and a total success. Here are some of the kind words and observations we received:

  • Almost 40% of attendees said that the event exceeded or Far exceeded their expectation
  • 43% said that the topic choices were very good
  • The time choice was right on target

What attendees enjoyed the most: Meeting and networking with other ProWIN members and most of all learning about their business.

Attendees also informed us that they loved the way we divided the bootcamp into specific groups using the large tables. It gave them access to the experts and the opportunity to get up close and personal so they could get their questions answered. Other brownie points were awarded for the diverse content, talent of the presenters, the raffles and prizes, and of course, the food.

While I thought the titles to be discussed in yesterday’s boot camp sounded interesting, I had NO IDEA how interesting. The 3 hours went by in a blink of the eye and I felt that I wanted each topic to be longer. All the speakers were truly experts in their fields and information that was provided was timely and up-to-date. I learned so very much in a short amount of time. Thank you for an excellent afternoon of professional development.

Suzanne Brown
Vice President Client Relations
Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber

Everyone had a great time at the First Annual ProWIN Bootcamp. Below you can browse through the photos and testimonials. Please feel free to share any of the photos on your social media platforms of your choice. You can Right-click to download the photo, then upload it to where you would like to share it.

If you missed this year’s event, keep your eye out for the next one and stay in the know about what’s going on with ProWIN by visiting the Events Calendar on a regular basis.

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