ProWIN January Luncheon Synopsis: Keeping Yourself Energized, Healthy, and Sane. Creative self-care for your best year yet!

Self-Care – How to keep yourself healthy, sane and energized

“Creative self-care for a better you and best year,” was a great way to kick start ProWIN 2019.  Professional Coach, Yoga Teacher, ProWIN member and our Guest Speaker—, Neelam Sharma, was spot on in her reminders of what it takes and why we want to be more consistently mindful of energizing ourselves for our best year.

What is Self-Care? It’s deliberate activity to take care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It starts with being present. Of course, we know to do that. And, yet, how often are we not present due to the pressures and demands of our roles in our everyday lives?

Neelam says Self-Care begins by being well-rested and “isn’t just a bubble bath and massage.” We know we need a full night’s sleep and yet we often self-sabotage with nightly habits such as late night TV, social devices, and emails. Being rested helps us feel better, prepared, energized, and ready for our day and the challenges it brings.  Those feelings and the appearance of them to others helps us professionally as well. They allow us to look and feel that we are up for the task and ready for our roles.

Here’s Neelam’s check off list to use as an indicator of how we are currently handling our own Self-Care:

  • get enough sleep
  • handle stress and emotion
  • eat well
  • establish boundaries
  • move your body
  • family/friend time
  • one pleasurable thing
  • know your values
  • mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is all about paying attention. It’s noticing what we feel in and about the world around us. It’s living in this exact moment and not dwelling on nor living in the past or the future. It’s about being here, now.

Neelam’s mindfulness strategies include:

  • yoga
  • walking meditation
  • breath awareness
  • cooking and eating mindfully
  • journaling
  • paying attention

Speaker, Neelam Sharma, says changing your frame, looking at something in a different way, is also helpful in our quest for self-care. Doing this, along with Neelam’s above recommendations, will allow us to create and rely on our own powerful list of tips and techniques to keep ourselves healthy, sane, and energized in 2019 for our best year yet.


~Synopsis compiled by Wendy Ellin, Productivity Strategist

Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in March. Theia Smith will talk about Access Granted: No Man’s Land – Lessons Learned on the Path to Creating Atlanta’s First Community Space for Women Entrepreneurs. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.
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