ProWIN January Luncheon Synopsis: Yes, You Can Get Clients Everywhere!

Marie’s program covered the six key elements you must have to build a sustainable business, create predictable cash flow and live with more joy, freedom and fulfillment.

You must know who you are; know who you aren’t; have a clear program; and have your prices set.

Marie started in sales as a 13-year old girl selling magazines to raise money for school. What she loved about selling was being acknowledged and feeling appreciated.

When starting her business, she had struggles and some scary times. She created her business and played cards while she waited for the phone to ring. She couldn’t control when she was getting paid. Even when making six figures she had no cash flow. During this time, she suffered a break-up. She finally had to ask a friend to pay her bills. That was a defining moment for her. She said, “I will never again ask someone to take care of me.” Marie hired her first business coach and turned her business around.

Marie’s clients have several things in common: not enough income or clients, not knowing what to do first or next, no created context, lack confidence in selling, feel burnt out and frustrated and flying by the seat of their pants while “hoping.”

Six elements to create your ideal, optimum business:

  1. Context is everything. Think about what you want for your business. What vision is good for you and your impact in the world? Where do you want to be in six months? What do you really want? Dig deep because it comes from the heart. It helps to journal and work with someone who knows the right questions to ask.
  2. Identify your ideal client. Marketing is a key that most entrepreneurs miss. When done correctly, the phone rings. People tend to stand with one foot in one place and another foot in their business instead of being all in. Invest money, show up, do work, and the universe will respond.
  3. Create your magnetic marketing messages. Know your clients’ pain points. You are the solution. Speak to those problems. Do a Facebook live. Be seen speaking to your target audience. Email newsletters. Create a list to own your business. Emails don’t have to be sales, they can be content.
  4. Engage in online and offline prospecting and connections. Marie calls networking online, “pink, fuzzy slipper networking.” Take time to reach out and make connections. Do you have time to get online for a virtual coffee? Get to know each other.
  5. Conduct winning sales conversations. Know when it is appropriate to have a sales conversation. It is not when you first meet someone. Get to know the person first. Evaluate if it is the right fit. Business isn’t one size fits all so, offer freebies, low cost and higher level. Hear the prospect and say, “I have something that might interest you. Are you open to that conversation?” Sell and buy from others. Do both.
  6. Overcome objections: Getting to yes! Prospects’ concerns are good because it means they are listening. Ask, “Are you really a “no” or a “no for now?” What would make a difference for you to be a yes? Where are you on a scale: one is never call me again and ten is I’ll sign up now? What would it take to get you from a 5 to a 7? If you are a 9, it is my job to get you to a 10. If no, can we still connect and keep the relationship going?”

Which of the six are missing in your business? Go for that. Marie’s new program is called Connect and Prosper. Contact; 770-263-8179.


Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in March for Train Your Brain to Stress Less and Thrive hosted by Kelli Clay. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.
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