ProWIN May Luncheon: Crafting Your Unique Path

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman

This is the first quote displayed on the screen when former ProWIN president interviewed ProWIN founder Kelly Beard who is author of “An Imperfect Rapture.”

With Debby asking questions, Kelly told us about how, although she was interested in writing, art and music in college she decided to go to law school and become a lawyer for one reason–to make money. Kelly was successful and nationally recognized as an employment discrimination lawyer, but not happy or fulfilled. When trying to make partner, it was suggested that golf was a good way to bring in clients. Kelly founded ProWIN instead. It’s a place where she could meet other professional women who were looking to develop their businesses, especially in male-dominated fields.

When asked how she fit her creative nature and longing into her career as a lawyer, Kelly admitted that long, intense workdays left little time. As a result, she changed firms every few years taking long vacations between to immerse herself into a creative outlet like pottery or art.

When Kelly’s daughter went away to college and for the first time their relationship became strained, she realized that although she’d done everything to provide a great life for her daughter, she’d never shared her story. Kelly’s daughter knew nothing of the strict cult-like fundamental religion, poverty and abuse Kelly survived on her way to becoming a successful businesswoman. Kelly started writing what became her memoir. That lead to her going back to school and adding a Master of Arts in Creative Writing before completing and publishing, An Imperfect Rapture.

Kelly suggests that to keep creativity alive relationships matter most. Spend time with pets, friends, nature. Take risks and share with your experiences.

You can learn more about Kelly at An Imperfect Rapture is available on or at personal appearances listed on her website.

~Synopsis compiled by Myra McElhaney


Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in July. Bonnie Daneker will talk about Are you a Digital Turn OFF? Three MUST-DO’s to build your Digital Prowess. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.
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