ProWIN November Luncheon Synopsis: Declutter Your Life To Get More Productive

Wendy started the conversation by stating that being disorganized affects all aspects of our lives. “How you do anything is how you do everything”. She encouraged us to define our number one word for who we are and to live in alignment with that word.

As Wendy pointed out, we already have systems that we use without much thought, such as silverware goes into our silverware drawer, keys go on a key hanger or in a bowl, etc. Yet for many of us, our office has little to no systems until we choose to make them. Her definition of SYSTEM is Save YourSelf, Time, Energy and Money by creating and implementing operations that work FOR YOU.

If you want to get more productive, you need to declutter your life in small, manageable, simple steps. Clutter comes into our lives every day (the mail for instance) and, though we don’t have much control over what comes in, we do have the ability to decide what stays and what goes. There is a three-step process for controlling the clutter as it comes in:
1. Trash/toss the items you don’t need and will never use.
2. Give away items that you don’t need but want someone else to own.
3. Keep only the items that you need and love. Like is not acceptable – ONLY NEED AND LOVE.

Organizing is a choice. “Choosers take action and wanters just keep on wanting”. We have the power to choose!

As the final tip, Wendy encouraged us to deal with our email load. She suggested taking all emails and alphabetizing them; then deciding what to keep, delete and hold. She also suggested setting up file folders so your email box is just a loading dock where you then unload into the file that best suits your next action step.

For a copy of the speaker notes and more details on the email purge, contact her at with “ProWin PDF” in the subject line.


Be sure to join us for our next luncheon in January for Yes, You Can Get Clients Everywhere! hosted by Marie Fratoni. Non-members are welcome – it is a wonderful way to learn about all the benefits of ProWIN.
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