ProWIN Success Bootcamp 2019

Three Hours To Engage, Inform and Delve Deeper Into Six Topics

The ProWIN Success Bootcamp was over-the-top amazing! We would like to thank each of our awesome, engaging and thought-provoking business experts for bringing their topics to life (in order pictured):

Nichole Arnault shared some great strategies to Close the Gaps in Your Business with Key Systems to Maximize Growth.
Kelli Clay helped a lot of attendees learn to Train their Brain to Stress Less and Thrive. Who doesn’t need that!
Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi was amazing with her insights on why Nobody Wants to Buy Your Service. Reality check everyone!
Cathryn Marshall, our fitness pro, helped us answer the question: Nutrition, Energy, and Time: Do You Have Enough to Be Your Best? 
Kathy McCarley Healy helped us get smart about Financial Success: Building Blocks and Road Blocks. You’ve gotta talk about the money, honey!
Jennifer Finkelstein Hall got to the core of our fears around selling with her topic, Help! I Hate Selling: How to Build a Network and Generate New Business.
And last, but not least, Celena Evans was our fabulous Master of Ceremonies.

We are equally grateful to all our attendees for coming ready to soak up all of that knowledge. A final shout out goes to the many “behind the scenes” ProWIN volunteers that made this fabulous event a complete success. All in all, it’s a dedicated group effort that simply reinforces ProWIN’s motto – Building Business by Building Relationships.

Be sure to check out the video snippets of each expert’s presentation on ProWIN’s Facebook page. And, most importantly, keep an eye out on your opportunity to be a part of next year’s ProWIN Success Bootcamp 2020. We’d love to see everyone there!


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