Third Annual ProWIN Success Bootcamp a Success!

“A Bold New You in a Bold New World”
Third Annual ProWIN Success Bootcamp a Success! 

From COVID-19 to Hurricane Zeta to Murphy’s Law, ProWINners battled several obstacles leading up to the third annual ProWIN Success Bootcamp. But they showed up and experienced an incredible day of learning and networking. With the lineup of speakers, the outstanding topics, and a guaranteed fun time, friends and fans of our organization already knew they were in store for something big.

Facilitator Robin Muretisch kicked off the three-hour learning cohort and set the tone for personal and professional growth, relaxation, mind expansion, and sisterhood. Attendees each selected four of the five topics offered, which focused on various growth areas: business processes, financial success, resilience, marketing, and business and image development.

Once the sessions got underway, all minds were in learning mode. The focused 25-minute sessions were chock full of information and insights to help launch smart women into 2021 ready for success.

With more business conducted online now than ever before, Arlene Stearns shared strategies to help you show up “Head and Shoulders Above the Rest.” Whether you’re sitting before your computer in yoga pants or cozy flannel PJ bottoms, you’d better bring the right image from the chest up. Arlene explained how to present the best image of yourself on Zoom calls with five key elements for appearing professional online.

Whether you call it lack of confidence, not being good enough, or self-sabotage, imposter syndrome impacts professionals at all levels and can threaten your ability to seek a higher position, acquire new clients, and earn more. Anita Henderson shared insights to identify the thought behaviors that support imposter syndrome and offered two simple strategies to address and reverse those behaviors to achieve your ideal outcomes.

Between the insightful sessions, Robin guided attendees to explore their takeaways by recording what excites or worries them about the information received, what they need more information about, and what single next step they could take to crush their goals.

Gai Lynn McCarthy provided insights to help entrepreneurs set up or improve the foundation of their business to protects them from liability issues. A bankruptcy attorney, Gai Lynn’s focus was providing enough detailed information that attendees would ideally avoid needing to hire her to restructure or liquidate a business. Now that’s service to the highest degree!

During breaks between the sessions, attendees were invited to munch on signature snacks they prepared prior to the Bootcamp using shared recipes for baked cambozola with pecans and cranberries, caramel apple bites, and hot pumpkin spice drink, all of which kept attendees energized.

As the sessions continued, Karen Cleveland provided a process tune-up, helping participants streamline routine tasks, identify opportunities to free up time, and increase efficiency. She used worksheets, colored markers, and examples to help find shortcuts and create ways to go around the bumps in the road entrepreneurs encounter in business.

With 60,000 new websites launching every single day, competition is fierce. Stacy Ruth gave participants guidance on developing unbreakable emotional bonds with customers and clients. Using the seven factors of brand affinity, Stacey illustrated how any business model can generate a tide of awareness and self-identification with the brand for radical growth with little additional investment.

To wrap up a phenomenal day of learning and networking, Robin Muretisch led attendees through a simple “improvement canvas” to help evaluate what they learned. They answered very specific questions about what would be possible, what intrigued them about the short and long term, and where they could begin to enact their takeaways from the day.

Overall, this year’s ProWIN Success Bootcamp was a huge success, and we look forward to next year’s event, hopefully in person.

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