September/October Featured Member: Joyce Auskelis

Joyce Auskelis is a Career Strategist and the founder of DefiningNEXT where she’s been empowering individuals to proactively manage their careers since 2011. Her prior experience includes leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte Consulting and IBM. In addition, Joyce invested nearly a decade working with several national and international outplacement firms to develop the knowledge to help others navigate career transitions. Through this experience, she discovered that many people stay in unfulfilling careers because they don’t know how to make a change.

DefiningNEXT’s five-step process provides the structure, tools and support to enable clients to define and achieve their career goals. It starts with an in-depth assessment to uncover blind spots, self-limiting beliefs and key strengths to make data-driven decisions. Armed with clarity and focus, the pain and angst of a job search or career pivot shifts to the purposeful execution of a strategy.

“Energizer, catalyst, pragmatic, inspirational, insightful” . . . are the words Joyce’s clients most often use to describe her.
“My reward comes in seeing the transformative impact on each client’s career success and happiness. I’m innately curious (my Mother could tell stories), and often skip ahead to see what’s coming in a book. Helping others define what’s next for them is my dream job!”

Joyce is a member of ProWIN’s professional development committee and a frequent table host at luncheons. After being an ambassador for TEDx events, Joyce is now part of the TEDxAtlanta Planning Committee. Joyce and her husband, John, live in Brookhaven with their four-legged friend, Molly. They became empty-nesters a year ago when their son, Riley, moved to LA to start his own career.